How? Mental Health Awareness


At EPIC Wellbeing, I believe “it’s okay not to be okay” and that by starting conversations about mental health, we will help towards breaking the stigma with associated issues and illness.


From experience, we know that best results comes from buy in from the top down.  Do you have what it takes to be a leader who walks the walk by talking the talk?  Awareness will be the beginning of your journey to proactive action promoting well-being in your workplace from both an employer and employee perspective.


I will provide awareness sessions to your workplace to help begin this process.  As a qualified mental health professional, I am able to share knowledge, provide information and talk about journeys with mental health issues.  I will deliver this safely and professionally to your teams.  I have witnessed complete mind-set changes in the room as a result of this conversation starter.


By attending these sessions, your employees may wish to become Mental Health First Aiders and I can provide approved training.  I can also assist your business thereafter by providing more specific detailed sessions, and support and input to your Well-being Strategy.  


“You help keep us on track, reminding us that these things can be achieved & that it’s not always within our gift to mitigate challenges we face every day.”